11 Choice of Typical Banten Souvenirs

1. Milkfish Satay (Sate Bandeng)
Most of you have already heard the name of this typical souvenir from Banten right, Toppers? Sate Bandeng food is a typical Banten made from milkfish. If you are afraid of fish spines, you don't need to worry, Toppers! Because, Sate Bandeng has been removed from the thorns! In addition, this typical Banten souvenir is preserved! So, it is suitable for you to make souvenirs for your family.

2. Gipang

Gipang is a snack that is one of Banten's special foods which are mostly sold as typical Banten souvenirs, Toppers. Gipang is made from sticky rice mixed in sugar water and has a sweet taste with a crunchy and slightly sticky texture.

3. Sambel Burog
Burog Sambel is a typical Serang cuisine made from the basic ingredients of melinjo skin.As you can guess, Sambel Burog has a spicy taste. But besides spicy, Sambel Burog has a unique and unique taste that is very different from other chili. Because of its unique taste, Burog Sambel is often used as a souvenir for Banten to take home.

4. Fish Meatballs

Fish Meatballs are a typical food of Banten which is quite well known among the banten community. Fish Meatballs are made from crushed fish and mixed with other ingredients to make a mixture, then fried. In addition to delicious and unique, Fish Meatballs are also suitable to be used as typical souvenirs of Banten.

5. Emping
Well, if this is for sure you have already tried this Banten souvenir, right, Toppers? Chips are often eaten with other foods such as satay, soup, or other berkuah food as a complement. Even though many are available in other cities, but Banten crackers still have their own characteristics that distinguish this typical Banten souvenir with other chips.

6. Ceplis

Banten's next souvenir is Ceplis. Ceplis is made from Banten melinjo base material and has a taste that is not much different from Emping. The chips are made with flat and round shapes, while the shape of the chips is smaller and rounder like a ball and has a stronger savory taste.

7. Ijo Peanut Cake
This typical Banten souvenir is often found in various forms, Toppers! As the name suggests, Kue Kacang Ijo is made from the main ingredients of green beans which are processed with other ingredients which are then made into cakes. Like cakes in general, Kacang Ijo Cake is suitable as a typical Banten souvenir that you can give to friends and family.

8. Getas chips
The next typical souvenir of Banten might be less well known by people outside Banten.However, in some areas in Banten, Getas Chips are a mandatory snack at home. Getas chips are suitable for snacks when you watch TV at home or even as a typical Banten souvenir.

9. Cassava Chips
Besides Getas Chips, Banten souvenirs are also often used as snacks during the day, Toppers. Cassava chips are made from thinly sliced ​​cassava, dried, then fried like other crackers. Cassava chips have a savory flavor but are slightly sweet and have a crunchy texture.

10. Fish Crackers
Fish crackers are also suitable to be used as snacks to block hunger in the afternoon, Toppers. This typical Banten souvenir has become a snack that is not only available in Banten, but also in other regions because it is often used as a souvenir of Banten. Fish Crackers have a crunchy texture and savory salty taste that will definitely make you addicted!

11. Rengginang
Some of you must have heard the name of this last Banten souvenir. Rengginang is a kind of suitable cracker snack that is also used as a friend to eat rice or even be eaten by itself.Rengginang has a texture that is very crunchy and has a unique shape.
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